We offer a full range of eDiscovery support from collection, preservation, processing, review, reporting and through to the disclosure of electronic data, in both civil and criminal environments. We make eDiscovery easy, as our platform gives you access to an advanced indexing engine, quick and easy text searching, results tagging with case and file management. We also offer litigation hold services where necessary.

The acquisition of Electronically Stored Information from a multitude of modern devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, storage devices, GPS’, digital cameras etc… is but only one aspect of digital forensics.

Digital forensics requires the combination of computer science, integrity of evidence and investigative process that is applied to establish fact and determine the outcome of a judicial process.

Exactech has the skill and experience needed to successfully conduct every step of the scientific process that is Digital Forensic Investigation.

Our team is qualified and equipped to:

  • acquire digital evidence in a forensically sound manner from mobile devices, computer systems and networks;
  • analyse that evidence and correlate it to other information gathered by means of interviews, affidavits, crime scene management, log analyses, footage review;
  • Present the findings of the analysis of the evidence in the form of reports, statements and expert witness testimony.

These steps of a digital forensic investigation are undertaken against local and international standards of accepted forensic practice, have been tested and have stood up to various judicial enquiries.

By its very nature, forensics is a knee-jerk reaction to an incident that has occurred . Exactech is in a unique position that sees us combine our expertise from Fraud Risk Management, Digital Forensics, and Information Security with market leading tools that result in solutions that enable Exactech to provide Pro-Active as well as Re-Active forensic and overall professional services to our customers.